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"Where’s the coffee? It’s our Lifeblood…" -Rachel

26 of July, 2012

The only person who can make my coffee the exact way I like it [as in I want to swim around in it, it’s so good] is my friend Rachel. Now, as she lives an hour and 15 minutes away from me, I only get good homemade coffee on the weekends when we see each other :/ This is just not good or frequent enough! So today I’m experimenting with different amounts of additives she puts in to find the *perfect* combination [because of course she has no idea what she does. She just dumps stuff in. NOT helpful, Rachel dear]. My first attempt was 3 tbs of half and half [fat free, of course because my diet can’t handle normal, or the actual heavy whipping cream Rachel likes to use on our *diet free weekends* ;)] and 2 tsp of Splenda Brown Sugar [also not the normal stuff, but I have to behave!]. It was semi-decent, but not right! I think it may be a little too sweet, and a little too bitter. Maybe more half and half next time? However, I’m pretty sure I made it strong enough [as Rachel says I like my coffee to bite back!] and am using the same Starbucks Dark Sumatra blend :)

Not that any of you actually care about this haha I’m just writing it out so I can remember it later! 

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